Data Action Team

Purpose: To create a community-based Data Action Team comprised of individuals and organizations skilled in creating, managing, and using data to inform decisions. These skills will be used to leverage resources to better serve youth, ages 5-18, in Wake County, NC. The Data Action Team is considered an ad hoc group serving the community through specified tasks geared toward the effective use of data and ongoing management of data.

Data Action Team members consider data for inclusion in the Wake County Youth Well-being Profile.
Data Action Team members consider data for inclusion in the Wake County Youth Well-Being Profile.

Focus of Efforts: Securing, collecting, and compiling data captured from multiple sources that speak to the state of services, agencies, programs, organizations, and efforts to meet the needs of children and youth in Wake County. This data will be used to create the necessary documented support to bring attention to issues facing youth in Wake County to help Youth Thrive and its partners better meet local needs and serve children and youth comprehensively.

Key Principles: Data, when selected carefully, can assist community leaders, organizations, and decision-makers in effectively leveraging limited resources, ensuring youth are growing in supportive environments. Youth Thrive, as the primary convener and collaborator of youth-serving professionals and organizations, seeks to support those who provide services to young people and their families. With the coordinated collection and effective use of data, we are better informed and can identify challenges and barriers to success. The Data Action Team will be charged with ensuring effective selection of data sources, effective use of available data, and timely updates to our data knowledge through the development and regular updating of valuable documents containing data pertaining to youth in Wake County, NC.

Team Members: The Data Action Team is made up professionals in the public and private sectors that are data creators, managers, warehousers, and end users. It is important that those with access to data participate on the Data Action Team. Individuals skilled at using data to inform decision-making also bring valuable skills that help ensure the most effective use of data by Youth Thrive and its partners. Those with analytical skills who can help data tell a story are also encouraged to become a part of the Data Action Team.

Meetings and Communications: The Data Action Team meetings will be on an as-needed basis depending upon the tasks at hand and the timeframes for completion. Youth Thrives staff serve as the liaison between the Data Action Team and the Steering Committee. Much of the work is completed via email and through revisions to shared documents; web meetings and phone conferences may also be involved. The Data Action Team members also serve the Youth Thrive staff and board of directors in a consultative manner by making themselves available for emerging issues related to data collection and management.

Team Meeting Webinars

Data Action Team Meeting 8.18.14

Youth Well-Being Profile Development 9.26.14


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