Emotional Well-Being Action Team

The Emotional Well-Being Action Team is focused on eliminating youth suicides and bullying in Wake County.

We are taking collective action and calling on community leaders and organizations to:

  1. Collect and share data:
    • Administer a youth survey on outcomes in the Blueprint (provided by Youth Thrive)
    • Measure and provide data on program capacity and participation with demographics of participants
  2. Ensure staff are trained in evidence-based suicide prevention (e.g., Mental Health First Aid) and attend at least one additional Youth Thrive networking event.
  3. Participate in the local Bullying Prevention Campaign by providing parents and youth information on bullying and appropriate social-emotional responses.

This action team is led as a joint effort of Alliance Health, Wake County Public Schools, and The Poe Center for Health Education.

Please contact Jessica Fowler at j.fowler@pohealth.org to learn more about the Emotional Well-Being Action Team.


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