Adventures of an Action Team Leader

By Chrystal Coble

We all know what it is like to put energy and effort into something at work and being excited about the potential impact it could have for young people.  Imagine if we all put that energy and effort into one common goal. How many lives would we have the opportunity to change if we aligned our efforts to community needs? Well, this is what the Youth Thrive Action Teams are doing and being a part of the process has been an exciting and rewarding experience.

I have been serving as an action team leader on the Vocational and Civic Development Team.  I volunteered for this opportunity through my position at Haven House Services, a non-profit working to change outcomes for struggling youth and their families. Haven House feels that being a part of this process brings us together with those committed to working towards a brighter future for Wake County youth.  By working with community members to review data, assess challenges and identify local conditions Haven House feels that the end product will be a road map to better support positive change.

The Vocational and Civic Development Team identified early on that the problem areas we wanted to focus on were that too few youth in Wake County are civically engaged, and that too many youth seeking employment can’t obtain it.  It was wonderful to see people from diverse backgrounds come together to identify local conditions surrounding these problems.  The strategies that the team identified brought ideas together from people that wouldn’t normally be at the same table together.

I am excited to see the work of all of the action teams come together and overlap into large scale strategies that can change how organizations like Haven House operate.  Action teams have a daunting task ahead of them, but the road will lead us to better outcomes for young people.


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