Youth Thrive makes an impact on our community in many ways as we:

  1. Serve as Wake County’s premier collaborator and convener of youth-serving professionals and organizations;
  2. Serve as training and technical assistance provider for Wake County youth-serving professionals and organizations;
  3. Ensure shared measures to foster data-driven decision making.

Highlights of these impacts are found below.

Collective Impact

There are no simple solutions to life’s complex social problems. Large-scale social problems require coordinated, structured, and collaborative approaches. Collective impact brings diverse organizations together, in a structured way, to achieve social change.

Click below to view a two-minute video from the Collective Impact Forum:

Collective Impact Intro

How Youth Thrive Works to Create the Five Conditions of Collective Impact


Aspirational Goals for Collective Action:

  • 95% of third grade students read on grade level
  • 95% of students graduate high school ready for college and career
  • Eliminate youth suicides and bullying


  1. Collect and share data: Measure and provide data on program capacity and participation with demographics of participants.
  2. Ensure staff in your organization are trained in evidence-based suicide prevention (i.e., Mental Health First Aid) and attend at least one additional Youth Thrive networking event.
  3. Participate in the local Bullying Prevention Campaign by providing parents and youth with information on bullying and appropriate social-emotional responses.
  4. Provide access to books for students, promote students choosing books of interest to encourage the love of reading, and encourage 20 minutes of daily reading.
  5. Promote access to college by working to ensure that by 9th grade all students have the opportunity to visit at least one college.

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