Youth GIS Map

Created by Wake County youth, this map identifies the location, name, and type of organizations providing youth services. These include health resources, recreation, faith-based, and much more.

Click here to access the Youth Places and Spaces GIS Map.

If there is a specific program you are seeking, type the address in the search bar or click on a specific section of the map in order to identify the service providers.

If there is a service provider not listed on the map or existing information which requires an update, please complete the service provider identification form.

The best way to learn more about the capabilities of the map is to explore around!

Click here to view a Prezi created by the youth mappers that explains the project.



Quotes from participants 

“The GIS project provided the opportunity to assist students to really engage in relevant, rigorous, and academically challenging work to benefit the community. I believe this project and similar projects focusing on the enhancement of youth leadership skills can positively impact Wake County and serve as a model for replication in other communities.”
K.J., Adult sponsor for a mapping team 

“Oftentimes great ideas don’t actually happen. This project is a testament to the people who put this together. Your individual skill sets fit together nicely, and your commitment is obvious. You folks made it happen!”
K.T., Adult sponsor for a mapping team

“I really liked watching all the points on the map populate as I entered the data. It showed that I was making a difference.”
Youth mapper

iThrive Wake App

The iThriveWake app highlights places, spaces, services, and resources for young people in Wake County, NC.


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