Increasing College Access for Wake County Youth

Our Educational Success Action Team is working hard to advance efforts towards our collective goal of 95% of Wake County students graduating high school ready for college and career. A key strategy is working with middle school youth. The middle school years are critical in setting forth a vision for higher education and more concretely, developing the roadmap to get there.  The cultivation of a college-going culture, at school, at home, and in the larger community can have a tremendous impact on a young person’s aspirations and overall belief that college is in their future. College-oriented conversations in middle school helps students be prepared to make better decisions in high school.  Tailored outreach and activities that include the family, provide social support, as well experiential opportunities – such as college visits, can also help reduce barriers to college, particularly for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In that regard, our community of partners is planning our College Visits! Learn more about this effort and the Gear Up College Access Training below!

Statistics on Wake County Youth: 69% of Wake County Public School students were enrolled in college the first fall after high school (2015-2016). Female students attended at a high percentage (72.5%) than their male peers (65.5%), and there is a wide variation of college-going by high school (ranging from 44.8% to 80%).

Educational Action Team and Middle School College Visits:
Based on this data the Educational Success action team decided to partner with the middle schools that feed into the high schools with the lowest college-going rates. This November we will host our first college visits between Wake County Schools and local colleges; and we will release the first version of our College Planning Guide for Middle School Youth.

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