Mastering Great Communication

By Dr. Susanna Gaddis

“If you want to be a master, study what the masters have done before you, have the courage to do what they do and you will be a master too.”

–Jos. J. Charbonneau

Great communicators are made, not born. And a lot of that comes from observing others in action. By becoming aware of what works and doesn’t work for others, you can adapt your own technique to become a master of communication.

This journey can begin with a single step. Today, observe several people who get along well with others in your workplace, folks who are trusted and respected. Now, note what they do.

As you are playing communication detective, pay special attention to:

  • How they enter and leave a room.
  • How they greet others.
  • How much eye contact they make.
  • How much they listen rather than talk.
  • How fast they talk and if this changes as they speak with different people.)
  • How they sit and stand.
  • How they make others feel comfortable, as well as any other verbal or non-verbal techniques.

Notice the patterns that emerge. Now, compare what you have found with your own communication style. Then ask yourself if any of these new techniques might help you produce better results.

By observing and experimenting, you’re on your way to becoming a communication master yourself.

Your Prescription: Think of someone you know who’s a great communicator.  Study them and consider what makes them so good.  Draw up a list of things they do that help them communicate more effectively.  If you think they’ll work for you, use them.


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