By Dr. Susanne Gaddis

What do you say when you talk about yourself? Do you draw attention to your positive attributes and build yourself up?   Or, do you share negative characteristics and tear yourself down?

Consider these sorts of statements:

  • “I’m just not good at this.”
  • “I’m so disorganized.”
  • “I guess I’m just not smart enough.”
  • “Nothing ever goes right for me!”

If you say things like this, you’re helping paint a negative portrait of yourself.  Even if you intend them as a joke or are trying to come across as modest, they still have a negative impact.  That’s a “Moan-a-Lisa,” a person immersed in negative self-commentary.

Have a look at a slightly different approach to these remarks:

  • “This is challenging.”
  • “I’m going to be better organized in the future.”
  • “I’m working hard to understand this.”
  • “There have been a few bumps in the road, but I know I’ll eventually get there.”

Your Prescription: When you talk about yourself, talk in a positive manner. Pick up a new paintbrush, erase the negative and present yourself in a more positive manner, as a Mona Lisa, not a “Moan-A-Lisa.”

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