Step-it-up-2- Thrive: Day 1


Training Facilitated by Patrick Buford, NCWorks Next Gen; Jennifer Krause, RTI International: Ann Godwin and Ruth Southerland with Wake County

The Thrive Foundation for Youth of Menlo Park, California, has developed a theory of change model for youth development that has been used in mentoring programs and is being expanded into other forms of youth development programming. The Thrive Foundation developed this program in collaboration with several developmental researchers and has produced materials for
its use with young people. The ultimate goal of the Thrive theory of change, also known as Step-It-Up-2-Thrive, is for youth to move forward on trajectories of positive development toward their full potential.

The model involves four steps for the young person to pursue, with assistance from or the involvement of an adult. These steps include:
1) Identify and develop sparks;
2) Learn about brain development and adopt a growth mindset;
3) Reflect on the 12 indicators of thriving, as well as one’s own strengths and challenges, and identify indicators for further development through conversations with adults; and
4) Build goal management skills through goal selection, pursuit of strategies, and shifting approaches in the face of challenges.

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Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 4:00 pm

Date: March 15, 2019

700 S Salisbury St, Raleigh
Raleigh, NC
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