School Based CC Team Expands Model

From the: Quarterly news from Alliance Community Relations,  July 2016

After serving 400 people in the past year, the Alliance School Based Care Coordination team model has been expanded to ensure a continuum of care for children who are being discharged from a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF).
The initiative was developed in collaboration with our Care Coordination Supervisors, PRTF Liaisons, and Wake County Public School leadership with the goal of linking the systems, increasing community tenure, and planning that allows for re-entry to school within 10 days of discharge from a PRTF.

One variable being monitored is the number of crisis episodes post discharge. PRTF School Coordinators are working with Wake County social workers to assist with the return to the correct educational setting. School Based Family Partners are working with families to support them with navigating the behavioral health and school systems, and Child and Family Team meetings are working to bring the systems together before and after PRTF discharge. Schools and providers will link to support the child by identifying barriers as well as strategies and crisis plans.

The School Based Team also began a successful collaboration with Crisis Team liaisons to work with families and the school system during the crisis episode and after discharge from inpatient.

The School Based team has identified a Care Coordinator to work with our IDD population and we will be hiring a Family Partner for our IDD/ Special ED populations. We are working with many children and families that are beginning the eligibility process for Innovations or are in crisis and don’t have a care coordinator.

In the next school year we plan to work with the IDD Care Coordination Supervisors, their teams and the Wake County Education Coordinators to provide support. Early intervention works and Alliance Behavioral Healthcare and the School Based Team are providing that opportunity.

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